Do I Need A New Bra?

Leslie Preston

Do I Need A New Bra?

TL;DR: Yes, you do! Fallen in love with a chic, new style or colour that speaks confidence? And they have your perfect size, too? You deserve to treat yourself to a new piece of lingerie that makes you feel good. Bras are rarely a priority on one’s shopping list; it seems like there’s always something more important to get, whether it’s a new toy for the kids or a new… (you get the picture).

But seriously, there are many reasons besides just wanting a pretty new bra. Although these undergarments are durable and can last for years with proper care, they aren’t meant to be worn forever. If your lingerie drawer has seen better days, maybe it’s time to give it a little upgrade. And if you need a solid reason to splurge, here are 10 signs it’s time to replace your bra(s).

The Band Is Digging Into Your Chest

A well-fitting band is essential for comfort and support. If it’s digging into your chest or riding up your back, it’s not doing its job. If the band isn’t snug or comfy like it used to be, you’re due for a new bra. Consider our Forgiving-Fit™ bra models featuring bands built for flexibility and stretch to ensure a personalised fit that offers comfortable support.

The Wire Is Poking Through

If the wire betrays you and it’s poking through the fabric, it’s not just a discomfort nightmare, but also a safety hazard. The wire can cause irritation and even puncture the skin, leading to infection and scarring, so you better go out shopping ASAP. A work around this recurring problem is investing in a quality wire-free alternative so you won’t have to deal with abrupt stabbing ever again.

The Hook and Eye Closure Has Changed Colour and Shape

Discoloured or twisted hooks are not just an eyesore. Once they show these signs of wear, they are less secure and can lead to potentially embarrassing situations, not to mention frustration. They can become undone, be difficult to clasp and unclasp, and even snag on your favourite top.

The Straps Are Too Loose or Too Tight

Constantly adjusting or lifting your straps? What a bother! Too loose and they don’t provide the support you need or clash with your outfit, too tight and they dig in and cause discomfort. In both scenarios, it’s time for a replacement. Don’t want to deal with straps whatsoever? Check out our strapless options available in various colours and sizes.

The Cups Don’t Offer Adequate Support

If there’s spillage or gaping, that’s not your cup of tea. The bra cups should gently cradle your breasts to provide support and comfort, but also a natural shape and lift. If they’re not doing their job, consider a replacement.

The Padding Has Lost Its Shape

Frequent washing and drying can take a toll on the padding, causing it to lose its shape or become lumpy or uneven. This not only affects the look of the bra but also its ability to provide a smooth, flattering silhouette. Our Natural collection goes around this problem with lightly lined, non-padded cups for a relaxed, natural feel and look.

The Fabric Is Pilling

Even if the support system is still going strong, over time, bra fabrics can develop piling, those little balls of fuzz that cling to the material. While these don’t necessarily affect the functionality of the bra, they can certainly take away from its appearance. Moreover, they can make the fabric feel rough and uncomfortable against the skin.

The Bra Has Been Your Everyday Choice for the Past Six Months

Even the most durable bras need a break. It’s recommended to replace any bra that has been a go-to choice for the past 6 to 9 months. If your bra hasn’t lost a bit of its appearance and functionality, you don’t have to throw it away. Simply get a new everyday bra, and allow for your favourite to rest and recover its elasticity so you can continue to wear it.

The Bra Is Too Difficult to Put On and Take Off

Excessive pulling and manoeuvring can stretch your bra and sprain your muscles. If you struggle to put on or take off your undergarment, consider an alternative like front-closure bra options or learn how to put your bra on correctly.

You Simply Don’t Love Your Bra Anymore

Tastes and trends evolve, so if your once-favourite bra no longer sparks joy or confidence, you should get a fresh piece that makes you feel comfortable, confident, and beautiful, simple as that.

Tips to Get More Wear Out of Your New Favourite Bras

Now that you have plenty of reasons to retire some of the undergarments in your lingerie drawer and make room for your new favourites, you may be wondering how to get the most wear out of your fresh pieces. Here are some tips to extend the lifespan of your bra staples:

  • Practise proper care: Hand-wash or wash on a delicate cycle using gentle detergent to maintain the elasticity of the band, integrity of the cups, and vibrancy of the material. If using the washing machine, it’s also recommended to use a mesh laundry bag. Avoid the spin cycle as this can twist and damage the delicate fabrics and elastics. Air drying is the best option, but if you use a dryer, opt for the lowest heat setting.
  • Ensure proper storage: If you want to play it safe, consider hanging your bras as this can help keep their shape. You can also carefully fold them to avoid misshaping, but be advised that keeping them folded for extended periods can cause creases and an uneven fit.
  • Rotate your bras regularly: Including more bras in your weekly rotation is a great way to extend the life of each and every one. This is also another reason why you should get that gorgeous brassiere you’ve had your eye on for quite some time.

If anything in this article is resonating with you, you can use Rose & Thorne’s readily accessible fitting tools online to find the right size and bra for you today!

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