Embracing Your Changing Body After Having a Baby

Leslie Preston


Embracing Your Changing Body After Having a Baby

Entering the postpartum period is a rewarding time but can also be a challenging experience. Suddenly, the whole world seems different, including your body, which can certainly feel overwhelming. But hey, you’ve created a human! How incredible is that? Those aren’t stretch marks; those are lightning bolts because you rock, mama! So try to swap any self-criticising inner monologue for a pep talk and wholeheartedly embrace your strong, resilient, and capable self, stretch marks, belly, and all.

Refrain from Comparison and Societal Pressure to ‘Bounce Back’ Quickly

The postpartum body doesn’t have or need a quick fix; it needs love, support, and acceptance. Your body deserves time to heal and recover at its own pace, and the only thing you should do at this point is to trust the process and be fiercely proud of yourself.

This process is as unique as you are, and you shouldn't compare it to someone else’s carefully curated highlight reels. Celebrate your own milestones, big and small, without rushing to bounce back to your pre-pregnancy self. What’s the rush anyway? Your old clothes aren’t going anywhere; you’ll get there eventually.

Give Your Curves a Hug with Supportive Bras and Underwear

Speaking of bras, we at Rose & Thorne believe that every mum and mum-to-be deserves to feel fabulous throughout motherhood, especially during the postpartum period. That’s why we offer maternity and nursing bras designed with support and functionality in mind. Our classic and leak-proof nursing bras offer easy access for convenient breastfeeding and soft and breathable designs that gently hug your curves.

And we know that being stylish probably doesn’t top your list of priorities during this period, but let’s be honest, feeling good about how you look can do wonders for your confidence and spirits, even amidst sleep deprivation and diaper duty. Our maternity and nursing bras are effortlessly stylish as a friendly reminder that you’re still you—a strong, capable woman who just happens to be in a new chapter in life.

Here, you can choose from a beautiful array of colours, from rosy pinks and neutrals to elegant navy blues and bold reds, to suit any mood and occasion. If it weren’t for the added maternity features like the clip-down cups and waterproof outer layers, these bras could easily pass for everyday lingerie.

Available in various cup and back sizes, all featuring adjustable 6 hook and eye clasps to accommodate rib cage extensions, you’re guaranteed to find a nursing bra that fits and feels as good as it looks at Rose & Thorne.

Nourish Yourself Inside and Out

Since your body is working overtime to fuel your little one and keep you functioning, it craves nourishment, rest, and probably a relaxing day at the spa, but a long, uninterrupted, hot soak will also do.

You need energy to produce milk, heal from childbirth, and care for your little one, so no matter how tempting those fast-acting, fad diets may be, focus on a balanced, nutritious approach. Fill your plate with variety, including fresh fruit and veg, lean protein, and whole grains, to keep you full and energised throughout your dynamic day. Need a quick pick-me-up? Listen to your body and have that snack; now is not the time for restrictive calorie counting.

Never underestimate the power of sleep, even if you carry your sleep-deprived under-eye bags with ease, pride, and joy. Try to catch some rest whenever your baby naps. Even a 20-minute power nap can do wonders for your energy levels and mood. Prioritising rest during this period isn’t selfish or a luxury; it’s essential for your physical and mental well-being.

While self-care can feel like a foreign concept in the whirlwind of new motherhood, stealing a few moments each day to indulge in something you enjoy is vital for your mental and emotional health. Even the smallest acts of kindness towards yourself can go a long way in replenishing your spirit. Whether it’s reading a few pages of your favourite book, taking that much-needed shower or soak, listening to a relaxing playlist, or simply enjoying a cup of tea in peace.

Put Yourself First (When You Can!)

Remember, the postpartum period is a marathon, not a sprint. Prioritise your well-being, savour the snuggles, celebrate the milestones, and focus on building a strong bond with your little one. And while on this journey, don’t be afraid to seek support; you’re not alone in this incredible, messy, and utterly rewarding adventure.

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