How to Put On Your Bra

Sue Dunmore


How to Put On Your Bra

Tired of slipping straps, or twisty underwires?  Here's how to put your bra on correctly, right from the get-go!

That's right, you heard it! There is a correct way to putting your bra on. No more slipping straps or twisty underwires - here's how to get it right from when you first get dressed.

Why should I care about putting my bra on properly?

  • When bras aren't worn correctly, they can be super uncomfortable - ouch!
  • Wearing a bra the correct way will help you to feel supported and comfortable all day - without wanting to rip your bra off the minute you walk in the door.
  • It can also help to make your bra last longer. If you're wearing your bra incorrectly, it can put tension and stress on parts of your bra and cause them to stretch or result in your wires popping out. 

Follow these easy steps to put your bra on the correct way

1.Do up your bra at the back

If you're doing your bra up at the front and tugging or twisting it around your body, it can put undue tension on the underwires and it can contribute to the underwires popping out of their casing.  

2.  Check the band

Once you've got your bra on, it's time to check the band of the is sitting correctly. The band should be firm around your body and should move with your body - instead of moving independently.

This is because most of the support for your breasts comes from the bra band itself being a firm and snug fit, and not the straps. 

The band should be horizontal across your back (not riding up towards your shoulders).

If the bra is digging up under your arms or digging into your breast, you'll need to go up a cup size.



3. Shift, Lift and Shake

Listen in closely - this one is our favourite step! 

Hold down your underwire at the bottom of the bra on the outside, and using your other hand slip your breast inside the cup. Next, and gently scoop all of your breast flesh at the side of your bra away from the underwire and towards the front of the bra. This makes sure the underwire sits well behind the breast.

Next, take a gentle hold of the top of your cup and give a little shake to settle everything nicely into the bottom of the cup. If you look in the mirror, you should be able to see the breast flesh follows the line of the underwire and that there are no gaps.

If the underwire is still covering or sitting over some breast, sitting away from your chest leaving a gap, you'll need to go up a cup size. 

If the cup is gaping or wrinkled, you'll need to go down a cup size. 

If the underwires sit around and under your bust comfortably, perfect! 

4. Adjust your shoulder straps

Time to check your shoulder straps. Your straps should close your cups to your breasts, making sure there are no gaps around your underarm area. You want a nice snug fit. 

Remember - most of the support for your breasts should be coming from the band of the bra, not the shoulder straps. Therefore, be careful not to over-tighten the shoulder straps. They should be snug but definitely not painful!

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All of our bras are graded as the breast size changes, as with the width of our straps.

That's it! Just four easy steps to get the ultimate comfort that supports you all day, every day.

If you're unsure about your fit (shoulder straps digging in, gaping cups, side boob), make sure to book in for an Online Bra Fitting with our Bra Guru. It's a totally private and confidential fitting designed to make sure you're wearing the right size and shape and make shopping online with us even easier. 

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