Rose and Thorne Guides


Four iconic bra shapes

All our bras use our Forgiving Fit™ technology. Each of our shapes serve a different purpose for different needs. Once you’ve found the shapes that work for you, you can buy bra after bra without ever having to try them on again. Lingerie shopping has never been easier.

Oh Naturale Bras

Oh Naturale Bras

A soft-lined bra that feels barely there. Oh Naturale features a lightly-lined, non-padded cup to give you a relaxed, natural feel and profile.

Smooth Operator Bras

Smooth Operator Bras

The classic t-shirt bra, that’s virtually invisible. Smooth operator is designed to give you coverage without the extra oomph. This is a classic t-shirt bra with a thin shell cup to prevent nipple show.

Curvylicious Bras

Curvylicious Bras

A lightly padded bra that curves and gently lifts. This bra optimises your shape and gives you the perfect lift. Wider-set shoulder straps create an open neckline and light padding ensures no nipple show.

En Forme Bras

En Forme Bras

A deceptively supportive, non-padded bra that gently moves your bust forward. Desgined to shift your bust forward, enhacing natural shape and giving you a sleeker silhouette. This bra creates a rounded-profile with medium-control.


Bra Guide

Collections allow you to make the look your own. Mix and match as you wish, a plain bra with a fun print on your undies, or a secret print on your bra and a fabulous underwear print.

Bra Colours

Shop by colour to reflect your mood or season. Beautiful in black? Pretty in pink? Fabulous in floral? Whatever your preference, we've got you covered!

Knicker Colours

Matchy matchy with your favourite Rose & Thorne bra, or have some fun with contrasting colours and patterns!

  • Black Knickers

    Classic but also a little daring perefct under dark clothes!

  • White Knickers

    An absolute staple, white knickers for everyday wear.

  • Nude Knickers

    The perfect no show under light colour clothing

  • Red Knickers

    Bold and romantic red undies rule

  • Pink Knickers

    Feminine, fun, bright, cheerful and confident

  • Purple Knickers

    Uplifting the spirit, evoking a sense of mystery

  • Blue Knickers

    Calming, relaxing and everlasting

  • Green Knickers

    The colour of life

  • Orange Knickers

    Warm and full of energy, optimistic and positive

  • Yellow Knickers

    Wildly fascinating and cheerful

  • Grey Knickers

    Sophisticated and chic, with undeniable elegance

  • Multi-Coloured Knickers

    Multi-Coloured Knickers

    Romantic florals to quirky pop art, spots to bold